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    Pepsi Logo Review

    Every company needs to change their brand image after certain time. Logo is the main representation of brand image, so it is the first thing to be changed. Logos become outdated and customers get bore seeing the...

    • Posted 763 days ago
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  • UnileverLogo1
    Unilever Logo – Standing Out!

    Most people know little about Unilever. They do know their brands, but usually do not impose anything related to Unilever.  Unilever has always been active in taking positive initiative in society and that truly shows in their...

    • Posted 765 days ago
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    Wikipedia Logo

    Failing to be positive, we can at least say that the reception is unanimous. The Wikimedia Foundation was proud to present on its blog the new logo of the encyclopedia. We understand why, given the circumstances of...

    • Posted 772 days ago
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  • Outdated logos
    Logos become Outdated

    How can a logo become outdated and old fashion when a company is at its peak? Why do such companies redesign their logo risking their brand image and brand identity? In our understanding a logo represents the...

    • Posted 782 days ago
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    Does a Logo Design Need to` Tell What a Company Does?

    Does your face speak about your nature? No, it doesn’t. Logo is the face of a company then why should it portray what a company does. Apple doesn’t sell apples, ‘Windows’ is not a window shop, and...

    • Posted 784 days ago
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  • 190px-Mastercard_Worldwide_Logo.svg
    MasterCard Logo Review

    “Some Things are Priceless – for everything Else there’s MasterCard” This catchy slogan has become universally recognizable due to its constant repetition on social media as well as other advertisements of the famous MasterCard debit and credit...

    • Posted 841 days ago
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  • ronald_mcdonald_jumping1
    McDonald’s Logo Review

    Talking about McDonald’s delicious Big Mac and more: Whenever you talk about McDonald’s the foremost thing that pops into your head is their succulent Big Mac burgers which have acquired fame (and fortune!) across the globe. Its...

    • Posted 845 days ago
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  • marlboro
    Marlboro Logo Review

    The World’s Leading Cigarette Brand – Marlboro: Smokers and non-smokers alike are well aware of Marlboro, which is one of the most famous cigarette brands of modern times. Phillip Morris, a London based cigarette producer created a...

    • Posted 846 days ago
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    The Home Depot Logo Review

    Build Your Home with the Home Depot – Arguably, America’s most favorite and the world’s largest home improvement store, The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and Pat Farrah. The...

    • Posted 847 days ago
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  • la-fi-tn-20120914-001
    eBay Logo Review

    Buy and Sell online with ease at eBay: eBay is a website where people can buy and sell various consumer goods online. The website was started by Pierre Omidyar who had previously been working to develop software...

    • Posted 848 days ago
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    Coke Logo Review

    The world’s most popular soft drink – Coke: A trademark of the internationally recognized Coca-Cola Company, ‘Coke’ is one of the world’s most loved and consumed soft drink. From its humble beginnings in 1886, when Dr.John S.Pemberton...

    • Posted 849 days ago
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  • kotakuLogo
    Kotaku Logo Design Review

    One for the Gamers – Kotaku One of the hottest video games blog at present, Kotaku is part of the Gawker’s Media network of websites, which also include popular blogs such as Gizmodo and Jezebel. Created in...

    • Posted 962 days ago
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