• Henry Steiner – Father of Hong Kong Design

    You might wonder: how did someone born in Vienna and raised in New York get to Hong Kong in 1961, to become the father of Hong Kong design? If, as a foreigner, you remain here for over...

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  • Brian Tattersfield, A Famous Graphic Design Artist

    Brian Tattersfield is a designer and co-founder of the international design agency, Minale Tattersfield, well known for the brand name of Harrods. Brian Tattersfield was born in Yorkshire in 12/4/1936. He trained originally as a painter and...

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  • Alan Fletcher < Art of Looking Sideways > Top Graphic Designer

    Alan Fletcher was one of the most influential graphic design figures in post-war British graphic design. His clever mix of intellectual English tradition with the pop culture of the United States developed his distinctive approach in the...

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