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  • Xerox Logo Design
    Xerox Logo Review

    Xerox Corporation is based in Rochester (NY, USA) since 1906. The founders of the company ar called The Haloid Company. Then they did not even know what part of their childhood will play in the development of...

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  • fiat-latest
    Fiat Logo Review

    With the introduction of the new Bravo, in 2007, there was also the renewal of the Fiat logo, the 16th in 108 years of the brand and the 4th in the last 40 years. This new logo...

    • Posted 579 days ago
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  • Spiderman Logo
    Spiderman Logo

    With various super heroes coming in the entertainment world, movie makers are finding out new ways to market their heroes. They have a big investment on line, so a lot of different marketing strategies are used to...

    • Posted 580 days ago
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  • LG Logo Design
    LG Logo Review

    LG Electronics is the brand of washing machine, refrigerator and large appliances. Brand image of LG as part of the integration of its consumer electronics products were used according to the family brand logo color. The logo...

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  • Audi Logo
    Audi Logo

    Audi AG is the world’s famous automaker in Germany. The company deals in luxury motorcycle and cars. In 1909, August Horsh founded the company. The name “Audi” was driven by “Horsh” which means listen. Listen when translated...

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  • Cartoon Network
    Cartoon Network Logo Review

    We all have spent our childhood in watching cartoon; most of them were on cartoon network, our favorite cartoon channel! What we remember most about this channel? I believe it’s the logo. Its logo has been very...

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  • Arsenal Logo
    Arsenal logo

    Arsenal Football Club is an English football club which is also known as Arsenal F.C. It is based in Holloway, London and is in the possession by Arsenal Holdings plc. Arsenal F.C is said to be the...

    • Posted 585 days ago
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  • Armani Logo
    Armani Logo

    Giorgio Armani is a renowned Italian fashion giant globally. It manufactures sunglasses, apparel, perfumes, cosmetics, and many accessories for both men and women. In 1975, the company was created by two friends in Milan, Sergio Galeotti and...

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  • Cadillac Logo
    Cadillac Logo

    Cadillac is the brand of luxury car owned by General Motors. In 1902, it was created by automotive inventor Henry Martyn Leland, which was in 1909 acquired by General Motors. It is one of the oldest brand...

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  • BlackBerry Logo
    Blackberry Logo

    Blackberry, a name of smartness with business support features has a name associated with consistent high quality and reliability. Blackberry is the trademark of RIM (Research in Motion Ltd). As we all know that Blackberry has its...

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  • logo-importance-header
    Meaning of Logo for a Company

    For a company, logo is not just a symbol or an icon; it’s much more than that! It defines what an organization stands for. Logo makes customers remember them, recall them, and go to them again. It...

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  • AT&T
    AT&T Logo

    AT&T Inc. is a world famous US telecommunication leader. It is said to be the biggest companies with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Besides that, it is one of the largest mobile network operators in the whole...

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